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Celebrate 15th Anniversary with Us!


We are turning 15 in December. This is the story of how our company evolved into what it is today, and how we plan to celebrate.

Pilot Group Ltd was founded in 2000 by Yanar Evdokimov and his friends, the ‘co-pilots’. The company’s business was general web development. Internet was only starting to infiltrate our lives, and a lot of companies did not have corporate websites or any online representation whatsoever. Pilot Group was doing different custom projects.

PG Real Estate script was built in about 2005. The product found his niche so we employed sales and support managers, designers, testers and other specialists to support and develop the project.

Over 10 years, PG Real Estate changed the platform, several designs, we released several dozen releases, built Marketplace for PG Real Estate modules, add-ons and services and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Today PG Real estate – is a full-featured solution for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. Our customers can choose between a free open code and enhance it with modules and add-ons from our Marketplace and ready packages. The same marketplace allows everyone to post and sell add-ons, design themes, and offer their services for our products.

We constantly working on PG Real estate to improve and adapt it to the modern reality. Quite recently we have announced new hosted solution, so that our customers can start their online real estate business as easy as pie. In our near-term plans we have CRM integration and responsive design.

As we approach the big date, we would like to share the anticipation with you. Every new customer who purchases a license of PG Real Estate until December 25 will receive a special gift from us.

As our first step, we have lowered the prices for mobile applications.

Check the new prices

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Meet the Modernized Social Network Software by PG SocialBiz


We gladly introduce the modernized version of the PG SocialBiz software. It is a ready solution for building niche social networks and online community websites. Check out the demo website and mobile apps here.

Features to look out for:

✓ New landing page

Clean design. Site visitors have an opportunity to download mobile apps immediately. It will help them stay in touch even when they are away from their desktops.

Note that the mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms are included into all license packages.

 Community-building opportunities

Friendship requests and recent activity wall that shows events by your friends are accompanied by likes and comments, polls, winks and messaging.

 Earning opportunities

Use the integrated online store to sell your own merchandise or merchandise from your partners directly on the site. Activate any of the 10 paid services.


 Special add-ons from the in-house Custom team

Groups and Forums will help your site members pursue their interests by joining in on discussions and uniting over common goals.

Check these and other add-ons in the Marketplace.

What is different between the new SocialBiz and Dating Pro?

The two sites are very similar save for the focus on socializing instead of romancing. In Dating Pro favourites are included by default, and in SocialBiz its equivalent is friends list. Favourites do not require confirmation while friendship requests do.

After you log into the site, the first thing you see in the dating site is new faces (in the search results page) that prompts you to start exploring and chatting up people, while in the social network site you see the wall of recent activities of your friends.

In this group on Facebook we post the most interesting news from the world of social networking. Follow us on Facebook.

Build your own online community with us!

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Google Search Engine Ranking Factors

Sites’ positions in Google search results are determined based on hundreds of factors designed to provide end-users with helpful, accurate search results. These factors are explained in more detail at How Search Works. In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.

Northcutt agency, providing Inbound Marketing services, published 261 factors of ranging of a Google search engine.

Here are some of them, you must pay attention to:

Concrete Positive On-Page Factors:

- Keyword in URL

- Keyword in Title Tag

- Internal Link Anchor Text

- Keyword in Domain Name

- Use of HTTPS (SSL)

- Fresh Content

- Quality Outbound Links

- Mobile Friendliness

- More Inbound Links to Domain

- Links from Relevant Sites

- Keyword Anchor Text

- Keyword in ALT Text

- Internal Link Anchor Text

Negative On-Page Factors:

- Single Pixel Image Links

- Empty Link Anchors

- Broken Internal Links

- Thin Content

- Too Many Ads

- Duplicate Content (3rd Party)

- Linking to Penalized Sites

- Slow Website

- Automatically Generated Content

On-page Factors, which may affect the ranking, but the power of this impact is undefined:

- DMOZ Listing

- Low Bounce Rate

- Facebook Sharing

- Google+ “+1’s”

You can check the whole list of factors here.

If you are planning to start or have already started your real estate site, check the list below. It may help to improve your site rank.

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Twitter Ads are now available in over 200 countries and territories

Recently, Twitter announced the expansion of  its self-service ads platform from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories. Now, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from Honduras to Hong Kong can more effectively reach their target audiences on Twitter in 15 languages.

Now an active advertiser auditory includes approximately 100,000 people.

Twitter Ads

The update also allows advertisers to target any country in the world. In the near future, Twitter wants to add targeting by state, region or zip code. The full list of supported countries is available here on the map or in the list here.

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Fear Stops Potential Entrepreneurs Launching Businesses

Overcome Your Fear (2)

Recently, published a research of Dr Philipp K Berger on how is it that this debilitating fear affects potential entrepreneurs?

It’s something that researcher Dr Philipp K Berger knows all about, back in 2010 he toyed with the idea of starting his own business but found himself worrying about taking the leap.

“Even though starting a company was completely my dream, I found myself confronted with a lot of irrational fear that I really could not explain,” he tells the Wall Street Journal. “Even if the company failed I was sure I would get another good job afterwards so objectively there was no reason to fear.”

Eventually he launched the business – a sushi restaurant chain with automated production – and at the same time explored the relationship between fear and entrepreneurship in his PhD thesis.

“People are less fearful if they have leadership experience and an intrinsic motivation to start a company,” he says. “The sex of the entrepreneur also matters. Females tend to be more fearful about founding a company, even though they have the same success chances once they actually do. A lot of the entrepreneurship potential of women is untapped.”

Unsurprisingly, his research also found that people who had a high self-estimation of their abilities also had lower fear – and thus a higher chance of actually doing something with their ideas and founding companies. However, he does point out that this has nothing to do with actual competency, so there’s a chance that these entrepreneurs aren’t the most competent to be running businesses, they just think that they are.

How can entrepreneurs cope with that fear and manage to found a company anyway?

The key, he says, is in being aware of it. “With a lot of psychological problems, if you’re aware of that, that’s one big step to getting along with it. You want people that are aware of fear and the pitfalls so they can work to avoid them, but you don’t want so much fear that it prevents them from founding.”

So how did Dr Berger go from being frozen by fear of failure to launching a successful start-up? And how can other entrepreneurs overcome their fear?

“The [step] I took was dividing the big step of founding a company into multiple smaller steps,” he explains.

“That could be, you stay in full-time employment but register a company, then you look for an investor but stay in your company, and then you have talks and get busier so you go down to part-time at your job and maybe consider a sabbatical. The more you divide the big decision of founding a company into small steps, the less fear you will have.”

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