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5 Signs That You Need a Roommate
1. You come home wanting to talk about your day to someone. There are people who like coming home to a quiet apartment. And there are those who become depressed at the thought. If you hate coming home to an empty apartment, then you may need a roommate. Just make sure you find a roommate you're compatible with. 2. You have no money to yourself or to put in savings after paying off rent, utilities and basic living needs such as food and transportation. Roommates help you save money. Sometimes, rent is cheaper with a roommate. Also, roommates split the cost of cable television, utilities and home supplies. 3. You hate cooking dinner for one. Find yourself cooking a platter of lasagna and freezing it for weeks as you slowly finish it off? Maybe you yearn for a buddy to help with the cooking, cleaning and, of course, eating. 4. You like having friends who know what you look like before you put your face on. Roommates have a special bond, because you've seen each other when sick, tired, crabby and sans make-up or hair gel. 5. You have a dog and need help walking it. Just kidding. I threw that one in as a joke. But, if you do have a dog, it would be nice if your roommates shared the responsibilities of taking it outside. It's also a good idea to share pet safety concerns with your roommates.