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Roommates Invading Your Room

Picture this. Friends dropping by unannounced to watch TV. Your roommates’ high school chums camping out on the couch for three weeks until they find their own apartments. Parties with uninvited guests traipsing in and out. Or even an annoying roommate who wanders in and borrows your clothes. Despite all of this, there are ways to protect your room and valuables from others.

Yes, for cautious types, it’s an agonizing part of apartment living that strangers will file in and out of your apartment. When home, it’s easy to guard against this, but how do you keep people out while you’re away.

For starters, I suggest taking a deep breath. Chances are, if you trust your roommates, you can be sure to trust their friends. Sure, there’s always a suspect person in a network of friends, but one can’t really guard against every danger.

However, if you live with a roommate who doesn’t respect boundaries or have guests staying over frequently, protecting your room can be a good idea.

Adding a Lock to Your Door

Adding a keyed lock to your door is probably the easiest, most effective way to protect your belongings. You can lock up during parties and whenever you leave. To do this, you must buy a new doorknob that comes with a lock and key. Instructions are included on how to change the knob.

Telling Your Roommates About Your New Lock

If you’re close with your roommates, they could take offense to suddenly discovering a locked door. Some may wonder whether you trust them or not. To minimize any hurt or avoid any miscommunication, take time to explain to them your reasons for the lock. One major tip towards diplomatic communication is to phrase sentences using the word “I” a lot and not “you.” When telling them, focus more on your own personal motives and less on their or their friends’ actions. Here are some articles on effective communication.

Give the key to one trustworthy person

If you can, I suggest designating one roommate or a close friend to hold the second key. There may come a time when you’ll need someone to access your room while you’re away.